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Periop IT Provides Value to

claims and reporting workflows

communication and patient outcomes

procedure scheduling

operating and IT workloads

Periop IT enhances claims and reporting workflows.

  • Build decision support to ensure correct procedure setting EMR guides clinicians/schedulers to place patients In-Patient (IP) or Out-Patient (OP).
  • Accurate and timely pre-authorization codes that are always up to date.
  • Zero effort surgical procedure groupings in EMR ready format.
Core Competency: clinical friendly terminology mapped to relevant code sets.
Focus: what the surgeon wants to perform with appropriate granularity.
AORN Syntegrity
Core Competency: standardizing perioperative content to AORN’s evidence-based practices and perioperative standards.
Focus: OR nursing practice and workflows.
Periop IT
Assists in standardization and optimization of procedural content and corresponding workflows.
Provides all stakeholders in the workflow the perioperative-specific content they need which is mapped to relevant code sets and groupers.
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