Eliminate the frustrations of an overburdened problem list. Intelligent Problem List (IPL) enables clinicians to get an easier overview of a patient, minimize redundant entries for problems already on the chart, and manage the problem list more efficiently within a clinical context.

Why use the IPL Solution?

IMO IPL Solution:

  • Allows your clinicians to rapidly identify the significant patient problems relevant to the particular visit
  • Bridges the gap between optimal problem-oriented patient care and proper problem list maintenance
  • Significantly reduces your current administrative/analyst cost associated with your problem list maintenance

Complements IMO Problem IT

We’ve designed the IMO IPL solution packaging and releases to work seamlessly with your current IMO Problem IT update processes. After downloading a particular Problem IT release, those organizations licensed for the IMO IPL can download the corresponding IMO IPL solution package. The versioning and naming scheme is the same for Problem IT and the IMO IPL solution. 

Setup and Maintenance

Overall, the IMO IPL solution will significantly reduce operational overhead for system administrators and the project team. The IMO IPL solution requires some simple, up-front setup. IMO IPL groupers must be added to the System Definitions settings for Problem List. There is also some profile setup, however, ongoing maintenance is very minimal. This requires that someone import the latest IMO IPL content whenever Problem IT content is updated. IMO IPL shifts the burden of maintaining problem list views almost entirely to IMO.

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