IMO is Clinical Interface Terminology We bridge the gap between clinical language and complex coding systems.
June 1st, 2018
Chairman and CEO Frank Naeymi-Rad will transition from CEO to the new role of Chief Innovator and continue as Chairman. Ann Barnes is named new CEO.
February 28th, 2018
Raja Cholan is the first recipient of the Dr. Frank Naeymi-Rad and Dr. Theresa A. Kepic $25,000 Scholarship for Biomedical Informatics established by Drs. Naeymi-Rad and Kepic.
December 6th, 2017
The Technology Headlines publication named IMO Chairman & CEO, Frank Naeymi-Rad one of the 50 Most Admired CEO’s of 2017. The Technology Headlines is a knowledge platform for ...
January 25th, 2018
Enterprise Viewpoint publication named Intelligent Medical Objects one of 2017’s top Healthcare Solution Providers.
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