Medical Terminology Developer

The Medical Terminology Developer is part of the Knowledge Team. The Knowledge Team curates and manages IMO’s medical terminology. Our terminology is dynamic and expanding because we are constantly integrating customer data into our content, adding new content, and implementing quality assurance measures on our existing content. In this position, you will play a key role in shaping the workflows, tooling, and infrastructure that allow the Knowledge Team to design, develop, maintain, and document our dictionary of terms.

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  • Collaborate with a variety of team members (including terminology analysts, clinical terminologists, and certified medical coders) and departments with varying technical skills to perform maintenance, development, and QA of IMO’s terminology content.
  • Provide advanced problem resolution and troubleshooting support. Perform analysis of solutions, code, requirements, risk, and efficiency metrics. Find pragmatic solutions to efficiently complete the work.
  • Develop comprehensive understanding of IMO’s terminology and infrastructure. Work with large data sets and complex processes.
  • Lead and participate in database design, development, and implementation using SQL and documentation, proposing process improvement where necessary.  
  • Manage and respond promptly and professionally to reported issues, including time-sensitive requests. You will be working directly with users to identify their needs and solve their problems. If you like to work with and help people, this role offers opportunities to collaborate with others and see the outcome of your labor in your coworkers’ work.

Qualifications - Minimum

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent education/work experience. A degree in computer science is not required. We realize that many strong analysts and developers are self-starters who have honed their skills on the job or independently, instead of through formal training. Our team includes people with degrees in social science and the humanities and have previous work experiences in education, publishing, and gaming design.
  • 2 years of relevant work experience in data analysis or a related field (e.g. product analyst, data scientist)
  • Strong technical knowledge and experience with database languages, specifically SQL. Knowledge of large relational databases, including theory and practice of relational database design and development.
  • Strong and effective interpersonal skills. Demonstrated ability to interact with a diverse group of stakeholders. Demonstrated ability to work both collaboratively and independently in a deadline-driven environment.
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills and a strong interest in demystifying complex problems and achieving practical solutions.
  • Strong research skills (via Google and other search engines), which will come in handy to understand a particular technical solution or why ICD-10-CM makes the distinction between “nec” and “nos.”
  • Love of words and language. You are someone who would be interested in why “adverse effect” and “adverse reaction” are considered synonymous, but “side effect” is not.

Qualifications - Preferred

  • 4 years of relevant work experience in data analysis or a related field (e.g. product analyst, data scientist)
  • Applied experience with healthcare data

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