Why use IMO IPL Software?

IMO IPL Software:

  • Allows your clinicians to rapidly identify the significant patient problems pertinent to the particular visit
  • Bridges the gap between optimal problem-oriented patient care and proper problem list maintenance
  • Significantly reduces your current administrative/analyst cost associated with your Body System view maintenance

How IPL Works

The IMO IPL application works seamlessly with current Body System Grouping option provided by Epic in the Problem List. Organizations familiar with groupers in Epic will find the import of our IMO IPL application files to be very straightforward. Once the system definition settings for grouping are aligned to the imported IMO IPL application groupers, clinicians can select the Body System Grouping option to automatically group the patient's problems according to IMO IPL application's content.

Setup and Maintenance

Overall, the IMO IPL application will significantly reduce operational overhead for system administrators and the project team. The IMO IPL application requires some simple, up-front setup. IMO IPL application groupers must be added to the System Definitions settings for Problem List. There is also some profile setup, however, ongoing maintenance is very minimal. This requires that someone import the latest IMO IPL application content whenever Problem IT content is updated in Epic. IMO IPL software shifts the burden of maintaining problem list views almost entirely to IMO.

Reasons to Upgrade within Epic

If your organization already leverages the existing body system within Epic, that is great! The functionality within Epic certainly allows organizations to take advantage of and build upon some initial foundation system content to power their Body System views. However, this still results in numerous patient problems falling to an uncategorized other grouping, which is undesirable. Because our IMO IPL software solution is built with the clinician’s usability in mind and is not solely beholden to any rigid taxonomy, those previously uncategorized patient problems will now appear within a clinically-resonating display layer. 

Complements IMO Problem IT

We’ve designed the IMO IPL application software packaging and releases to work seamlessly with your current IMO Problem IT update processes. After downloading a particular Problem IT release, those organizations licensed for the IMO IPL application can download the corresponding IMO IPL application package. The versioning and naming scheme is the same for Problem IT and the IMO IPL application. 

Download and Installation

Download Details:
The IMO IPL software package will be in a similar but separate download location and may be accessed using your organization's existing credentials. The package contains two flattened text files that are ready for imported into your Epic environment using the standard VCG,1000 import specification.


  1. Download the IMO IPL application files corresponding to your latest IMO Problem IT release.
  2. Import the IMO IPL application files using the standard VCG,1000 import specification from Epic. 
  3. Plug the new IMO IPL application groupers into the Body System Grouping for the Problem List using either: 
    1. The IMO IPL application Display Layer categories (recommended) 
    2. The more granular IMO IPL application clusters


  • Epic 2015 IU2 or greater 
  • Epic 2014 also supported with corresponding SU