Quickly view an organized clinical picture of patient problems by category and specialty


  • Intelligent Problem List (IPL) offers a suite of solutions that simplify problem list governance and improve provider engagement
  • Organizes and groups over one million terms into clinically intuitive categories
  • Covers over 99% of all terms used
  • Displays and groups related problems into clinical categorizations
  • Supports over 70 specialty and sub-specialty views out of the box and can easily be personalized to support an organization’s needs

Helps clean your Problem List and keep it clean


  • In a recent case study, hospitals saw a 163% increase in the removal  of extraneous problems after implementing IPL Clinical Categories
  • Problem lists stayed cleaner over time with a 37% decrease in duplicates added
  • Improved content supports ancillary workflows and tools including decision support, readmission risk, and population health initiatives which rely on the accuracy of the underlying clinical data

Simplify your problem list with IPL Clean


  • Web-based SMART on FHIR app
  • Identifies and streamlines removal of redundant, outdated or duplicate terms
  • Best Practice Advisory (BPA) alerts notify clinicians of clean-up opportunities
  • Intuitive workflows are integrated into the Plan Navigator for deletion or resolution of identified terms

A Preferred Choice amongst Clinicians


  • In a recent case study that included 13,000 providers, when IPL was designated the hospital’s default problem list, 99.8% of clinicians retained IPL
  • IPL currently has over 300 user sites nationally


"IPL organizes your problem list by categories which makes it super easy to clean up your problem list and makes it appropriate for practicing your style of medicine."

-- Chief Medical Officer

Benefit from Time Savings


  • IPL saves 30 seconds on average per visit for a 20 problem list
  • Cumulative time savings can be significant.  A typical hospital would save 4,166 hours of clinician time assuming that 500,000 of its patient visits utilize a 20 problem list  
  • IMO can quantify IPL’s effectiveness using our ROI calculator and your hospital system’s data

Install and use within an afternoon


  • IMO’s Body System View can be implemented by your Analyst within an afternoon
  • Updates are automatically coordinated with future Problem (IT) loads with no hidden maintenance costs

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