1.0 Retirement FAQ's

Answers to common questions 

Why is IMO retiring the 1.0 appliance?

IMO’s latest solutions and future functionality to support increased demands from Healthcare IT require a more robust software foundation. The 1.0 platform was powerful for its time, but as industry demands exponentially rise, it faces limitations, which require a successor. The majority of platform-related support cases are due to issues that stem from the limitations of the 1.0 platform. IMO strives to keep the total cost of support for clients as low as possible.

There are many new components that are included in IMO 2.0 ETP that require functionality not possible on the 1.0 platform. (Ask your IMO representative for whitepaper “Why the Health of Medical Dictionaries Matters” for more explanation of dictionary health).

What if I build my 1.0 server out to 2.0 specs? Will that make me compliant?

No. There are key differences and improvements between the 1.0 software and 2.0 software, just like there are key differences and improvements between the 1.0 server specs and 2.0 server specs.

Staying compliant with the latest 2.0 server specifications will not change the outdated state of the 1.0 software capabilities. The 2.0 installation suite has been designed specifically with the ability to leverage hardware and software specifications that are more relevant for today’s EHR and computing requirements.

If we opt to move to cloud, what is the cost to move to the cloud-hosted solution?

There is no cost to move to the cloud-hosted instance. However, every site needs to submit their dictionary files so a Dictionary Health Check Report can be run to assess the health of their dictionaries. View a sample dictionary health check.

What if my current security policy doesn’t allow me to host servers in the cloud?

There is not a technical resolution to this other than continuing to use a local server. If you have any questions, please discuss with your IMO Client Executive.

What if we technologically can’t support the cloud?

Your organization will then need to continue to use a local server. If using a third-party host, the third-party host can also host the 2.0 server.  If you have any questions, please discuss with your IMO Client Executive.

Will I need to continue to pay the annual support fee since this is now going to be cloud-hosted?

Yes. There is still a software image to support, requiring IMO resources. IMO will continue to charge this annual fee.

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