Data management made easy.

We've heard your feedback on making the import process easier on you and your team. We are excited to announce a new tool to help streamline your upgrade process: Release Manager.

Along with the robust content available in your current ProblemIT content package, Release Manager reduces the amount of time needed to provide a seamless update in your system.

Here's how it works.

  • Automatically download new ProblemIT releases to your local environment
  • View differences between your current and new release for terms, mappings, and Groupers
  • Apply customizations including replacement values, mappings, modifiers, and terms
  • Import customized ProblemIT to Epic environment using your existing process

Release Manager

  • Locally hosted using IMO's 2.0 platform
  • Automatic download of new releases
  • Allows customization to ProblemIT content which persists from release to release
  • Enables authoring of global automatic replacements for newly inactivated terms
  • Planned functionality includes visibility to Grouper differences from release to release, activating/inactivating individual terms, editing of ICD-10-CM & SNOMED CT mappings, and modifier calculator toggle
  • Local creation and export of individualized ProblemIT release files in standard format

Interested in a demo?

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