IMO 1.0 Retirement Announcement

IMO 1.0

In mid-2012, IMO launched its terminology appliance to support the needs of sites facing new Meaningful Use requirements. Since that time, we’ve helped keep site’s numerous dictionaries fully compliant with those requirements, and powering various clinical workflows. We have assisted through numerous regulatory changes and provided quality content updates, up to 60 times per year.

In December 2015, IMO launched its 2.0 Enhanced Terminology Platform (ETP) to support increased terminology needs of its clients using a local server. As of January 31, 2018, over 71% of organizations using IMO 1.0 have transitioned to IMO 2.0 ETP, with many others organizations planning to convert to the new platform before the end of the year.

As of December 1, 2018, IMO will no longer support the 1.0 server platform. This is due to the dramatically expanded size and scope of terminology content (more than 213% larger from when IMO 1.0 first launched), the need for more updates, and increasing support costs associated with the IMO 1.0 appliance. This means that you will no longer be able to leverage IMO’s content via the 1.0 server.

Further Clarification

To clarify, note that it is the only the server platform (the content delivery mechanism) and NOT the content that is being retired. By retiring the IMO 1.0 system, and moving to the IMO 2.0 ETP system, the content delivery mechanism (software and IMO-installed appliance) are replaced. Our upgraded software will not run on the older appliance, so an appliance upgrade (either physical or virtual) is required to support the IMO software delivery upgrade. This upgrade is IMO 2.0.

What does this mean for you?

The following information applies if your EHR uses a local instance of an IMO 1.0 Terminology Server. If you are unsure, please check with your EHR software vendor or IMO.

As of December 1, 2018, the IMO 1.0 infrastructure (appliance or VM server) will no longer be supported by IMO Customer Support and Integration Teams, including:

  • No new content deployment to any IMO 1.0 instance.
  • No troubleshooting or assistance with any IMO 1.0 related customer-support cases.

As of December 1, 2017:

  • IMO is no longer supporting new installations of IMO 1.0. This includes migration of an existing IMO 1.0 instance to a third-party hosting provider.
  • There are no future software enhancements for the IMO 1.0 infrastructure. (If a critical software bug is discovered, it will be fixed and distributed up to November 30, 2018.)

Note: The IMO 1.0 instance will continue to operate and take content updates up until the end of November 30, 2018.

With the retirement of the 1.0 platform, the following two options are available to sites:

  • Join the over 71% of IMO 1.0 customers that have already upgraded to the IMO 2.0 ETP platform. Included with the server is the ETP package of additional tools and services to help you manage your dictionaries and CQM compliance. More details on IMO 2.0 ETP are available below. 
  • Contact your EHR vendor and request reconfiguration of your EHR system to access IMO’s cloud infrastructure (without access to any of the other ETP features) in place of the local server.

Note: If this reconfiguring option is chosen, it will not impact the content your end users view. However, latency may be experienced due to the querying logic that exists between MEDITECH and IMO’s applications.

We highly recommend that you speak with an IMO representative to understand each option. Please call (847) 272-1242 or e-mail IMO at and you will be contacted by an IMO representative to review which option is best for your organization.

IMO 2.0 ETP Solution Provides the Following Features and Services:

Organizations that have recently transitioned to IMO 2.0 ETP have experienced:

  • At least 450 new dictionary entries created for initial mapping
  • 50.3% of sites have submitted up to five new dictionaries following their initial migration
  • Overall mapped terms increased from 63% to 85% following their first LTTM round
  • Immediate insight into how their dictionaries measure up against the CQMs

To help identify the most appropriate solution for your organization, IMO will provide a health check of your dictionaries, identifying gaps in code coverage that may affect initiatives such as Meaningful Use, quality reporting, lab reporting, and reimbursement. View a sample dictionary health check

Thank you for your continued use of IMO products and services. We look forward to supporting your transition to IMO 2.0 ETP or IMO’s cloud service. When speaking with a representative, be sure to ask about IMO incentives to complete your transition to IMO 2.0 ETP before the end of 2018.

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