Just Associates with IMO

Just Associates and IMO have partnered to jointly develop advanced patient matching capabilities. Collaborating on patient matching strategies that can result in improving the accuracy of patient outcomes data.

IMO is leveraging Just Associate’s expertise to further develop their patient matching strategies with an eye toward improving the accuracy of patient outcomes data.

About Just Associates

Just Associates (JA) is a recognized leader in Health Information Data Integrity solutions. They provide healthcare organizations with customized solutions that improve health data quality and result in enhanced revenue cycle efficiency, increased patient and clinician satisfaction, and improved patient care. 

JA provides expert services in every aspect of health data quality: from initial assessments, data analysis and full scale MPI clean-ups that identify and eliminate duplicate MPI records and their causes; to patient access consulting; ongoing, outsourced MPI management; and software solutions that help prevent the creation of new duplicate medical records and optimize workflow processes.

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