Our Services

IMO offers software and data services that help you search our terminology and manage your dictionaries.


Eliminate the frustrations of an overburdened problem list. Intelligent Problem List (IPL) enables clinicians to get an easier overview of a patient, minimize redundant entries for problems already on the chart, and manage the problem list more efficiently within a clinical context.

CQM Dashboard

IMO has built a dashboard that matches your migrated terminology dictionaries and IMO’s content to compare it against Clinical Quality Measure standards. IMO understands that CQM requirements are subject to change and seeks to provide an easier way to verify that your value sets are up to date.

Intelligent Service Desk

Intelligent Service Desk (ISD) is the best way to bring your questions to IMO. Use our webform dropdown menus to fill in your site info and questions and we will route it to the right people at IMO so your question gets answered efficiently and effectively.


Long-term Terminology Management (LTTM) is a terminology management solution to keep your dictionaries current well into the future. The subscription service allows for several migration cycles every year to update your dictionaries in order to leverage IMO's continuous mapping expertise. A dictionary terms “health check” analysis is also performed by IMO experts to keep your dictionaries up to date.

Map IT

Map IT is a mapping utility with robust search capabilities allow for accurate and efficient terminology correlations. With this user-friendly reconciliation tool you quickly can search by keyword or any code set to easily link your terminology maps to IMO content.


Hospitals keep their own dictionaries of terms. By processing them through an IMO Migration, clients may link their terms to IMO Lexicals and pivot on the value of the IMO-maintained codeset payloads.