CQM Dashboard

IMO has built a dashboard that matches your migrated terminology dictionaries and IMO’s content to compare it against Clinical Quality Measure standards. IMO understands that CQM requirements are subject to change and seeks to provide an easier way to verify that your value sets are up to date.

Why CQM Dashboard?

  • Quickly assess whether the institution is on track to accurately determine patient populations for quality reporting 
  • Effortlessly stay current with Value Set Authority Center (VSAC) updates
  • Analyze if the institution is ready to report for the current reporting year
  • Prepare for the next CQM reporting year

How can CQM Dashboard help my organization?

  • Improve quality of patient care by enabling accurate quality reporting, allowing the institution to identify areas that may require attention
  • Advise if the institution qualifies for financial incentives as Clinical Quality Measure reporting
  • Focus terminology and CQM analyst effort by identifying those domains/dictionaries requiring attention
  • Identify CQM Measures to report where little or no terminology management effort is required 

What is Included?

  • Automatic updates from the Value Set Authority Center (VSAC)
  • Comprehensive data comparisons showing 
  • CQM Code coverage for the institution
  • The IMO lexical to use for coverage where the institution does not have CQM Code coverage 
  • Overall coverage statistics per Clinical Quality Measure and per Value Set
  • Flexible views of the data supporting needs of business decision makers as well as CQM business and terminology analysts.

Interested in a demo?

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