IMO's value proposition is founded on providing and maintaining clinical interface terminology for customers to support "dictionary health".  Dictionary Health refers to how current a dictionary is with respect to terms (problems, procedures, etc.) as well as the associated maps from the various code systems. 

IMO's migration service connects your terms to the IMO term and future proofs your dictionary as part of our Long Term Terminology Management solution.  This process ensures that maps to all code systems are maintained accurately with a maximum level of specificity over time.  IMO maintains user-friendly dictionary terms and associated code maps and provides monthly releases to ensure our customers have access to the best, most current content available.

Why use IMO's Migration Services?

IMO's terminology and value that customers leverage is substantial:

  • Current terms for use on the patient problem list
  • Reimbursement and associated reporting
  • Analytics and Population Health reporting

Alternatives to using the IMO term include a reliance on code-to-code mapping.  Code-to-code mappings are frequently inaccurate and error-prone.  Mapping to the IMO term ensures that maps to all code systems are maintained accurately with a maximum level of specificity over time.

Maintaining dictionary terms and code maps is hard work.  IMO's migration services and Long Term Terminology Management provides a solution for you and your team so that you can focus on the value-add capability that IMO's terminology provides your organization.

How can an IMO Migration help my organization?

IMO has performed over 1,000 migrations in the last five years.  We consistently evaluate the process and our customer engagement to provide the best support and tooling for your needs. 

During the migration, IMO will work with you to:

  • Install IMO's 2.0 Enterprise Terminology Platform
  • Gather your dictionary terms and deliver them to IMO for migration
  • Align your terms to IMO's providing you with our Map(IT) tool which allows you to review the decisions made by IMO on your terms along with all the proposed code maps for your future use
  • Provide a file to load within your EHR in order to update your terminology
  • Provide you with our CQM dashboard which provides visibility to the meaningful use measures over time.  IMO stays current with all changes published by VSAC.

After a migration, the amount of time you spend monitoring changes in SNOMED®, LOINC, or other code systems will be greatly reduced. IMO continuously updates our content. The changes, improvements, and additions update are directly updated to the dictionary terms you have linked to IMO's terms.

IMO’s content includes mappings to all the medical codes you’ll need – ICD-10-CM, ICD-9-CM, SNOMED®, LOINC, CPT®, RxNorm, and many more. Once connected to IMO’s content, your terms will have the most up-to-date and accurate medical codes with frequent updates.

Send your data to IMO and let our team of clinicians, lab professionals, and coding experts migrate your terms and dictionaries for you. IMO takes pride in combining our clinical and technological expertise to process your data and match it to our content.