Hospitals keep their own dictionaries of terms. By processing them through an IMO Migration, clients may link their terms to IMO Lexicals and pivot on the value of the IMO-maintained codeset payloads.

Why use an IMO Migration?

  • Maintenance of codes to your dictionary terms is time consuming. Let IMO handle it.
  • Mapping to an IMO term gives your dictionary term the benefit of IMO's clinically-curated content
  • Behind an IMO Lexical is a code set payload in a robust cross-reference of terminology

How can an IMO Migration help my organization?

During a short project, IMO will help map your terms to our content, and use your input where needed. Once this is done, your medical codes will be updated frequently throughout the year by IMO product package releases.

After a migration, the amount of time you spend monitoring changes in SNOMED®, LOINC, or other codesets should be greatly reduced. IMO continuously updates our content. The changes, improvements, and additions update are directly updated to the dictionary terms you have linked to IMO lexicals.

IMO’s content includes mappings to all the medical codes you’ll need – ICD-10, ICD-9, SNOMED®, LOINC, CPT®, RxNorm, and many more. Once connected to IMO’s content, your terms will have the most up-to-date and accurate medical codes with frequent updates.

Send your data to IMO and let our team of clinicians, lab professionals, and coding experts migrate your terms and dictionaries for you. IMO takes pride in combining our clinical and technological expertise to process your data and match it to our content.